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Deer in the Headlights.

She caught my attention when I entered the cafĂ©, a young woman dressed in layers on a muggy day. She sat on a high stool in the corner, her bulky jacket, worn, dull and out of place surrounded by businessmen, parents, and the kids from the tennis facility next door. Beyond that first glance, she…

Publications open to submissions May ’16

Once a month, I try to list publications with open submission calls, most with deadlines in the next few months, if not weeks. These make great goals if you need writing motivation. I post this on the Thursday before the Short Story Writing Challenge meeting for Rainier Beach Writers. Join us on Sunday, May 1,…

Wildwood Chapter 3!

In the Wildwood, Chapter 3 is now online at Wattpad. Ellette and Rand have found their way into the Enchanted Forest, lead to a fairy tale cottage by Miss Muffet. What will the find inside?   Ellette was parted from Rand unexpectedly during his long illness. Desperate to reconnect and in need of reassurance that…

Writing, art and a total lack of… something.

There are so many days that I wake up KNOWING I must do something creative or else I won’t feel fulfilled. It is in my nature, it is who I am. And yet, I’m so indecisive, that there are times where I just don’t know what I should do and have no driving need to work on anything in particular.

On any given day, after my son goes off to school and as long as I don’t have a million appointments to go to, I have time. Time to read, write, edit, draw or in some way, create something.