About M.S. Chavez

M.S. Chavez has published a number of short stories.¬†She works mainly in speculative fiction and has published fantasy, science fiction, and literary¬†fiction pieces. She is currently working on a series of rural fantasy novels, as well as a women’s fiction novel. Her collection of dystopian short fiction titled Tales from the Tower World can be…

Writing, art and a total lack of… something.

There are so many days that I wake up KNOWING I must do something creative or else I won’t feel fulfilled. It is in my nature, it is who I am. And yet, I’m so indecisive, that there are times where I just don’t know what I should do and have no driving need to work on anything in particular.

On any given day, after my son goes off to school and as long as I don’t have a million appointments to go to, I have time. Time to read, write, edit, draw or in some way, create something.