Names, Faces, and People in General Don’t Come Easy to Me

I’ve had so many people tell me I can’t possibly be autistic because I make such good eye contact.

I’ve spent the last thirty something years studying faces and social cues. I make eye contact because it’s expected. I’m a fairly adept mimic. Sometimes my entire life feels like an act.

The struggle for access to therapy and support

My son was diagnosed with Autism when he was six years old.¬†It was difficult, sometimes painful, and very much a learning experience. But we were lucky on many different levels. We live in Seattle, and we had a choice between Seattle Children’s Autism Center and The University of Washington Autism Center. We got on the…


I am, officially, #ActuallyAutistic. No, not like Rain Man. I have no significant heightened ability to count or calculate anything. And no, I’m not like Sheldon Cooper. I’m no genius (though that’s probably pretty obvious), and I do have some grasp of humor, sarcasm, humility and empathy. I’m not like Temple Grandin, I wasn’t non-verbal…