Know Thyself

I know I really used to struggle with self-awareness and confidence. I still lack self-awareness in the social settings, but what can I do? Figuring out how other people view and perceive me is just beyond me most the time, and I’m not going to worry too much about it.

Eh, who am I kidding? I’m going to worry. But my resolution this year is to work on NOT worrying about it. Haters gonna hate, right?

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A solitary life

Solitude often makes me happy. I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, social issues and loneliness most my life. I’m the artsy introverted type. It’s just who I am. I spend a lot of time alone to recharge and think. I love escaping into to books, comics, good anime and my own worlds. I also used to…

Grieving the child you have

This sounds horrible. Why would you grieve for a child who is a living and loving an part of your life right here and now?

But it’s true. I grieve every time I realize that things I thought he would be able to do are just not attainable. It seems selfish, I know. It’s not his fault, I should be able to accept him for who he is and be happy for all he can do and all the things that he is so very good at.

Reality isn’t that easy or perfect.

Parental Guilt

I was thrilled at first, called my husband and let him know that we’d get to stay in a really nice hotel and our son would be having an extra special birthday since we were throwing his party that morning.

Then the guilt set in. I felt like I was taking advantage, that maybe we didn’t deserve this.

A funny story about faces

I had the most fascinating conversation with my son the other night. He’s been struggling with storytelling and writing lately, specifically when he’s asked to illustrate stories about people. This seems out of character for him since he loves to draw, enjoys reading and used to enjoy coming up with stories. The last year or so,…