Little Revelations

When I’m paying attention, or perhaps, when I’m over thinking just a little bit, little revelations come to me. Yesterday I was put in a situation that bothered me. I wasn’t entirely sure why at first. A colleague started a story with: “I don’t know if you really want to know, but did you hear…

I self-harm. No, I don’t cut.

When people think of self-injurious behaviors, they usually think of cutting. There are so many myths surrounding self-harm, so much shame involved, that most people don’t talk about it. Since I’m a chronic over-sharer these days, I thought I’d breach this taboo topic. Not that I’m the first person. I’ve seen a few articles that have had…

My First Time

No, no, not THAT first time.

This isn’t that sort of blog.

I recently spoke at a science fiction convention for the first time. It was a very small, cozy convention, and I was working both as staff and a pro. And by pro, I mean that very loosely.

Dealing with anxiety

I bristle when I hear the stories people like to bring out. Stories about the crazy person, the angry person, the weirdo. And in our SJW day in age, the sexist, the racist, the bigot. Labels and judgement, and I assume they’re all aimed at me. That I am, in some way, that person that story is about.