Names, Faces, and People in General Don’t Come Easy to Me

I’ve had so many people tell me I can’t possibly be autistic because I make such good eye contact.

I’ve spent the last thirty something years studying faces and social cues. I make eye contact because it’s expected. I’m a fairly adept mimic. Sometimes my entire life feels like an act.

The struggle for access to therapy and support

My son was diagnosed with Autism when he was six years old. It was difficult, sometimes painful, and very much a learning experience. But we were lucky on many different levels. We live in Seattle, and we had a choice between Seattle Children’s Autism Center and The University of Washington Autism Center. We got on the…

Little Revelations

When I’m paying attention, or perhaps, when I’m over thinking just a little bit, little revelations come to me. Yesterday I was put in a situation that bothered me. I wasn’t entirely sure why at first. A colleague started a story with: “I don’t know if you really want to know, but did you hear…

I should be writing!

And I have been. I’ve been working hard on an outline and rewrite. I’m very happy with the current outline, though I’m struggling a bit with the actual writing. I recently finished editing a collection of short stories, well, except two. There are two rather troublesome stories in the bunch that I keep putting off.…

Snow day

After my adventure on Monday, I can safely say I am no longer excited about snow.

I had my car warmed up and uncovered by 4:45 am, only to realize after spinning out several times that I couldn’t get out of the driveway.
So, l walked the nearest bus stop on the route I’m familiar with. Once there, I realize that particular stop was not on the snow route. I walk a few more blocks. I wait for over an hour and the other bus I could have taken shows up twice several blocks down. I watch it bitterly, determined that MY bus would indeed arrive at THIS STOP as the bus app promised.

Snowballing to-do list

I had a rather inspiring weekend at Rustycon. I met with many old friends, enjoyed meeting quite a few folks, and best of all, was inspired. My work load has also suddenly picked up. Thus the title. First, I think I’ll talk a bit about Rustycon, a little Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention I’ve been…