The struggle for access to therapy and support

My son was diagnosed with Autism when he was six years old. It was difficult, sometimes painful, and very much a learning experience. But we were lucky on many different levels. We live in Seattle, and we had a choice between Seattle Children’s Autism Center and The University of Washington Autism Center. We got on the…

Little Revelations

When I’m paying attention, or perhaps, when I’m over thinking just a little bit, little revelations come to me. Yesterday I was put in a situation that bothered me. I wasn’t entirely sure why at first. A colleague started a story with: “I don’t know if you really want to know, but did you hear…

I should be writing!

And I have been. I’ve been working hard on an outline and rewrite. I’m very happy with the current outline, though I’m struggling a bit with the actual writing. I recently finished editing a collection of short stories, well, except two. There are two rather troublesome stories in the bunch that I keep putting off.…

Snow day

After my adventure on Monday, I can safely say I am no longer excited about snow.

I had my car warmed up and uncovered by 4:45 am, only to realize after spinning out several times that I couldn’t get out of the driveway.
So, l walked the nearest bus stop on the route I’m familiar with. Once there, I realize that particular stop was not on the snow route. I walk a few more blocks. I wait for over an hour and the other bus I could have taken shows up twice several blocks down. I watch it bitterly, determined that MY bus would indeed arrive at THIS STOP as the bus app promised.