My Writing

My writing can be found in a few publications in print and online. Mostly online.

Most recently, my short story “The Girl in the Flurries” was published in the Fairy Tale edition of POPLORISH, which I highly encourage readers to purchase a hard copy or donate for reading the digital copy in order to support Old Growth. Old Growth is based in the Seattle area and provides very affordable classes for writers.

My work flash fiction story, Static was published some time ago in Farther Stars than These.
Dollhead, also a flash fiction piece was published in This Zine Will Change Your Life.
And finally, Things Unseen was published in Linguistic Erosion.

I have quite a few collections of short stories posted at
One of the collections, Bittersweets is one of their featured books.
bit·ter·sweet: being at once bitter and sweet; especially: pleasant but including or marked by elements of suffering or regret. A collection of short stories I’ve written since joining Wattpad for various contests, challenges and publications. These works range from one hundred word drabbles to short stories up to ten thousand words.
Tales from the Tower World

The Towers were constructed to preserve both or species and our history. The earth has been exploited, mined, ravaged and polluted to the point that survival of the human race is threatened.
The governments of the world collect, sort and their people accordingly. Some are used for their intellect, their strength and genetic superiority and then placed into hibernation. A select few, known  as the Sisters become the guardians of the tower. The rest of humanity, a burden on our dwindling resources, are exterminated.
These are the stories of those who fight the system, those who survive the hibernation, and those who inhabit the new world that is formed after the time of the Towers.
Rummage Sale Stories
A collection of random stories. These stories are like things you might find at a rummage sale; a book with a photo slipped between the pages, a pretty little jar with a child’s first tooth, a bridesmaid’s dress with a stain at the hem. These stories are fictional glimpses into sometimes fantastical lives. They are just a fragment, slightly worn, sometimes broken, but unique in their own way.
The DreamWalker Series: Rhamant
Ellette’s dreams are unnaturally real. For years she has found them to be the perfect escape, the solution to a life that has been, at times, a nightmare. When she comes across a man from a dream in her waking life, he turns out to be just that; a dream come true. With finding him, she is forced to realize that her dreams overlap into reality, sometimes in frightening ways.
In a Flash
Short works, flash fiction and drabbles. These pieces may be as short as one hundred words, or as long as one thousand. They may be speculative in nature, or just a bit of prose poetry.   Some of these works may be found in my other collections. I wanted to put all my   super short works to one collection for those who like a quick read.

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