I’ve been sleeping in my car.

I sacrifice my weekends, nights and sleep schedule to make a little extra money for bills. I give up my time, spending most of my day at a park in order to put my child in an awesome program.

Finding solid ground.

As I release those people, things and even hopes and desires in my life that were not the right fit for me, I am am able to continue on my own personal journey with renewed hope and freedom.

Growth truly is a beautiful thing. Growth without judgement or expectation is even more so.

Writing in anger

This isn’t fucking high school. It’s life. And there ain’t no one getting out alive. Suck it up and deal with your own shit without bringing me down.

Because I plan on living as happily as I know how and cultivating my good karma and enjoying my family and things I’ve worked fucking hard for.

Grieving the child you have

This sounds horrible. Why would you grieve for a child who is a living and loving an part of your life right here and now?

But it’s true. I grieve every time I realize that things I thought he would be able to do are just not attainable. It seems selfish, I know. It’s not his fault, I should be able to accept him for who he is and be happy for all he can do and all the things that he is so very good at.

Reality isn’t that easy or perfect.