Gonna be alright

I’ve posted recently a lot about angst, anxiety riddled self doubting, and depression. I’m officially done with it. At this point, I believe I managed to flip the switch and remembered who I am. I am strong and damned determined. I will not let negativity weigh me down. As one of my friends said to…

Dealing with anxiety

I bristle when I hear the stories people like to bring out. Stories about the crazy person, the angry person, the weirdo. And in our SJW day in age, the sexist, the racist, the bigot. Labels and judgement, and I assume they’re all aimed at me. That I am, in some way, that person that story is about.

I remember falling

I was twenty-three at the time. Far too young to be having a medical crisis of this sort. I had no idea what to think. I’d been sick but not very. Naturally, I didn’t expect to be told, “You need to go to see your medical professional right away. Have someone drive you. You may have had a stroke.”