Roller Derby: Potential Fresh Meat

There is a lot of roller derby up here. Clinics, training, camps, boot camps, recreational groups, and amazing teams. Best of all, is that there is an amazing recreational league called Potential Fresh Meat, or PFM.



I am, officially, #ActuallyAutistic. No, not like Rain Man. I have no significant heightened ability to count or calculate anything. And no, I’m not like Sheldon Cooper. I’m no genius (though that’s probably pretty obvious), and I do have some grasp of humor, sarcasm, humility and empathy. I’m not like Temple Grandin, I wasn’t non-verbal…

I self-harm. No, I don’t cut.

When people think of self-injurious behaviors, they usually think of cutting. There are so many myths surrounding self-harm, so much shame involved, that most people don’t talk about it. Since I’m a chronic over-sharer these days, I thought I’d breach this taboo topic. Not that I’m the first person. I’ve seen a few articles that have had…