Finding words in the wild

Sometimes, a person just needs to escape. The mountains, trees, running water, and time can be just what the body, mind, and spirit needs. I was lucky enough to be able to do just that.



I am, officially, #ActuallyAutistic. No, not like Rain Man. I have no significant heightened ability to count or calculate anything. And no, I’m not like Sheldon Cooper. I’m no genius (though that’s probably pretty obvious), and I do have some grasp of humor, sarcasm, humility and empathy. I’m not like Temple Grandin, I wasn’t non-verbal…

I self-harm. No, I don’t cut.

When people think of self-injurious behaviors, they usually think of cutting. There are so many myths surrounding self-harm, so much shame involved, that most people don’t talk about it. Since I’m a chronic over-sharer these days, I thought I’d breach this taboo topic. Not that I’m the first person. I’ve seen a few articles that have had…