The Wonders of the Great Outdoors

Some of my earliest memories are of being outside, with animals and nature. I was always climbing trees, exploring, riding horses and hiking. I started riding horses when I was four. Though I haven’t ridden in years, I still remember so clearly the dust and grit on my hands and under my nails, the feel and…

Art book teasers

This summer I’ve been working on series of illustrations for a book. I was commissioned for the project by Blaze Ward and Leah Cutter of Knotted Road Press. The illustrations are of characters from the Jessica Keller Chronicles. We’d begun discussing working on this project before my Surface Pro tablet was stolen from my car. The…

I’ve been arting.

My artwork isn’t anything amazing, but I rather enjoy doing it. After I got past my childhood horse drawing phase, character art became my passion. I loved to draw my own characters, almost as much as I enjoyed writing about them.

#Drawcember – Art Dump #1

Originally posted on Dreaming Thought:
So I got invited to participate in a #Drawcember event by my friend Emma. (Emma kicks ass, btw. We met at a ConLang panel and I’ve adored her since.) What this means is that we have a list of prompts for every day for the month of December and we…

Writing, art and a total lack of… something.

There are so many days that I wake up KNOWING I must do something creative or else I won’t feel fulfilled. It is in my nature, it is who I am. And yet, I’m so indecisive, that there are times where I just don’t know what I should do and have no driving need to work on anything in particular.

On any given day, after my son goes off to school and as long as I don’t have a million appointments to go to, I have time. Time to read, write, edit, draw or in some way, create something.

Art for my friends

Art for my friends I enjoy sketching. I started writing to give stories to the characters I’d draw and create. At one point, I had hoped to become a comic book artist. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my skills aren’t quite at that level, but I still enjoy drawing and love to…