Tales from the Tower World


Tales from the Tower World: The Girl in the Forest and other stories


The Towers were constructed to preserve both our species and our history. The earth has been exploited, mined, ravaged and polluted to the point that survival of the human race is threatened.

The governments of the world collect, sort and store their people accordingly. Some are used for their intellect, their strength and genetic superiority and then placed into hibernation. A select few, known as the Sisters become the guardians of the tower. The rest of humanity, a burden on our dwindling resources, are exterminated.

These are the stories of those who fight the system, those who survive the hibernation, and those who inhabit the new world that is formed after the time of the Towers.
In this collection you will find stories that range from the near future, to two thousand years in the future.


Well, I did it. I published a book on Amazon. So far it’s only the Kindle Unlimited version. I have yet to work on getting the print edition cover ready. I’m nervous about getting it all set up, and this alone was a big step. I’ve been talking about doing this for YEARS.

Tomorrow and the day after, this collection will be available for free. For the next 90 days it’ll be available exclusively on Kindle Unlimited.

The exception is a preview of the first story from the series, and one story that is available only on Wattpad. The Children of the Tower is a Hunger Games/Little Mermaid mashup, so not really appropriate for a collection I intend to sell.

I’m planning on releasing my other book of short stories, Bittersweets, which has done really well at Wattpad over the years. I’ve created a new cover for it as well. I’m just not looking forward to having to edit the stories.  Hopefully they wont take too long to edit and I can have them ready for Kindle soon.

the-wind-shifts2---WEB-copyThe Wind Shifts is still being released in bite sized chapters at Dreame.com. The novel is mostly complete, though I am editing it as I go. It has been a Nano project in the past with a few rewrites. I’m not with full rewrites and want to see this series completed and released to the world.

Please head over to Dreame, follow, like, and vote. The more followers and adds I get, the closer I am to a contract. The sooner I have a contract, the sooner I start earning funds and can enter in their contests for daily updates, etc.

While I’ve got a LOT of story to offer in this series, I’d like to open up the Pay to Read option as soon as possible. It doesn’t mean you have to pay to read every chapter, just the ones that haven’t been released yet. PLUS, the platform offers a bunch of ways to earn free coins.





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