The Wind Shifts

I’ve had a lot of time recently to work on writing, editing, and revising my work. The Wind Shifts, a Romantic Fantasy/Paranormal series will be released daily at


the-wind-shifts2---WEB-copyI’m struggling, as usual with the exact genre to place this series in, as well as writing a teaser and settling on the right cover.

Blow are a few other cover options. Feel free to share your thoughts on them.

I’m hoping by serializing it here on Dreame, I’ll accept it as what it is and not try to keep editing and re-writing it. I’ve been too close to this series for too long, and need to finish and release it so I can move on to my other projects.

I’m currently doing some last edits to my dystopian short story series to be released on Amazon. My other collection of short stories will follow soon after.

Once these projects are complete, I’ll get back to working on my Chick Lit novel, with the working title “Passing Flowers.” It’ll be my first attempt at fictionalizing some of my Roller Derby experiences, though it doesn’t come in as a central part of the novel until later.

While the pandemic has me and my family stuck at home instead of enjoying our sport of choice, I’ll likely be updating here more frequently. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy what my little site has to offer.

The Wind Shifts teaser and book cover alternatives

Elloreah, one of the Ethereal, is torn from all she knows. Lost in the mountains of earth, she is rescued by Mingan, a wolf shifter. Despite his harsh nature and initial mistrust of her, Mingan becomes her guide and protector. As she navigates this new world, and Elloreah becomes increasingly attached to Mingan. Her feelings for him grow, but the fates have other plans, testing their bond at every turn.




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