Art, Design, Publishing and More!

Though it took a week to catch up on rest and get things put away after my writing retreat campout, it was well worth the effort. Going to CampCon was just what I needed to jumpstart my writing and creativity.

I sent two stories to anthologies, which, according to my Submission Grinder account, I haven’t done in years. For all my talk of being a writer, I’ve been slacking on actually getting my name out there.

cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-new-header1I also set to work on updating my art and design website, which I am also planning on using as my publishing house name. Right now, Studio DreamingThought can be found at I will need to purchase a domain for it and upgrade my wordpress account, but it’s simply not a financial option for me right now.

I think the current design is workable, but it certainly was a time suck. While I enjoy doing work for other people, I find it rather miserable to do my own design work. I don’t have a second opinion, someone to tell me, “yeah, that’s what I want!” I just have to trust my own tastes, which I find rather hard to do these days. All those years working as a staff artist kind of trained me to just please others with my work.

I think that’s why writing became such a favored outlet for me. Art was work, while writing was pleasure. So I wrote heavily during my downtime, creating worlds and characters and stories that made me happy.


My featured collection of stories at

I would send these stories to be read and shared by others at, but there was no pressure. I didn’t have to worry if it was good enough. It didn’t have to be perfect. I wasn’t asking for anything in return, so my flawed, but enjoyable pieces of fiction could simply exist as they were.

Change is inevitable, though, and I have felt the need to move past my humble, yet enjoyable time at Wattpad. So it is with great trepidation that I am preparing myself and my works for self-publishing.  I’ve been doing it long enough for free, I might as well make an attempt to earn something, some meager amount for my efforts. This is where Studio DreamingThought as a publishing house will come in.

I am planning on putting out a collection of short stories, as well as short stories as part of bundles in the near future. My goal is to have a few pieces up on BundleRabbit by the end of the year. Other sites and venues are in the plans as well, but as a goal, BundleRabbit is what I’m aiming for. The rest will fall into place along the way.

My current goals and schedule are:

Finish illustrations for a collaborated work by the end of July.17636868_1830621287153331_3805323144164574748_o

Finish expanding upon my supervillain dog story by the end of August for my first bundle. (Hopefully by this point I’ll have an my collection out as well. It’s one I’ve been talking about releasing for a few years now, but I’ve finally got people to help give me a proper kick in the pants.)

My cow/bigfoot/trickster story needs to be completed before September for editing and submission. I plan to have it done much earlier, though, as long as inspiration sticks with me.

By the end of October, I’m hoping to have my Nano story from last year to a publishable point. This is only penciled in at the moment. It may not be something I can whip into shape by this time, but I’m hoping I can.

By the end of November, I’ll potentially be publishing a short story from my rural fantasy novels.

Sometime between July and November, I’m hoping to write a story for the CampCon anthology. I have no inspiration for it just yet, so this is on the back burner.

And finally,  I will also continue to take freelance graphic design jobs here and there. Design work takes up a different part of my creative brain, but it does take time. So while I can write and have several art jobs going at the same time,  there is the fact that I must sleep and do normal human things.


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