Snow day

After my adventure on Monday, I can safely say I am no longer excited about snow.

I had my car warmed up and uncovered by 4:45 am, only to realize after spinning out several times that I couldn’t get out of the driveway.
So, l walked the nearest bus stop on the route I’m familiar with. Once there, I realize that particular stop was not on the snow route. I walk a few more blocks. I wait for over an hour and the other bus I could have taken shows up twice several blocks down. I watch it bitterly, determined that MY bus would indeed arrive at THIS STOP as the bus app promised.

The view from the bus stop I became rather well acquainted with.

Bus shows up, and we are the first to get on; me and the other two people who have been shivering under the shelter for a while now. A few stops up the road, and the bus is overloaded with all the other people desperate to get to work. It promptly gets stuck.
Half the people get off so the bus can inch its way through the snow. The half that got off get back on. Now bus is able to slog along at like 5 miles an hour. At least it was warm with all those bodies crammed in like sardines!
I finally arrive at my transfer stop and hike up to the freeway bus stop. Amazingly, the coffee in my new mug is still warm. I’ve been trying to get to work for about two hours by this point.
This bus has chains, and arrives on time! About halfway there I realize that my stop is three or four blocks downhill from my work. I am seriously wishing I’d picked out different shoes, but my feet are still dry, and decently warm. Thank god for wool socks.
It’s daylight by the time I get off the bus, and the fresh snow is just lovely. I hike up and get in before 8 am. I was scheduled at 5:30 am.
My boss and supervisor have similar stories of late buses, lack of Uber, and long weary treks through the snow.

Thankfully the coffee shop next door is also open. We celebrate the fact that we arrived in once piece with coffee and breakfast. Customers are only trickling in at this point, and things are looking up. Another co-worker arrives and we have just enough staff so we can manage the dogs on a skeleton crew.

The trek home turns out to be a slog.

I stand at the bus stop for a half an hour and wonder if this bus has been re-routed too, because my app keeps telling me it has come and gone or will be arriving NOW. So I walk the four blocks down to the stop I know will be on the route, and the bus drives past me before I can get there. I stand and wait another ten minutes, and thankfully a second bus arrives.

Halfway to the freeway, we turn and take a different route. I’m suddenly paranoid I got on the wrong bus. I mean, it’s way off course. I decide, fuck it, and just wait to see where we end up. Everything turns out fine and we end up on the right freeway eventually.

My transfer bus driver is fabulous and doesn’t make me pay again. I hadn’t expected to ride the bus, so my transit card that allows me free transfers was empty by the time I got to work. He’s cheerful driver, talkative, and is clearly happy to just be helping people get to and from their destinations on this cold and wet day.


My car warming up in the snow before I learn the hard way that it’s not going anywhere.

I get off the bus, and my shoes promptly soak through in the melting snow. They’d stayed water resistant until that point. So head home and change my shoes, and once I realize my jeans are soaked, those too. The dentist could wait.
Their office had called begging me to get their as soon as possible so they could close early, and I promised I would.

By the time I’m ready to go again, I’m thrilled that the snow has all but melted. Instead of walking the two blocks to my dentist, I happily pull my car out of the driveway.

Fingers crossed I’ll be able to repeat the feat on Tuesday morning.

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