Blogging because it’s a habit.

I admit it. I’m so very behind on my blog and my to-do list.

First, I was so inspired and motivated, then I was sick. Then, our nation officially changed hands and it’s been interesting to say the very least. It’s been hard to be online at all. So much of what I feared would happen is happening.

I trained my replacement at work for the night shift, I got one day to catch up on sleep and switch back to very early days, and then worked everyday last week. Then I got sick again. I’m getting quite tired of sneezing and sniffling.

So, I have excuses galore, but I’m not proud that my blog has become even more erratic than it was.

I’ve had this blog, the mess of randomness that it is, for over a year now. I’m keeping up this habit. Because, if nothing else, I’m writing SOMETHING.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I should blog about. My mind is so jumbled with half-concocted ideas, things I know I should be doing, passing fancies, and even passions.

I need to finish the second part of my ‘Autism Reads’ post, but since I’ve not been focusing on reading Autism works lately, I keep pushing it back. I also started a post about why I love anime and manga so much. I actually blame some of my current distraction on my co-workers giving me good suggestions of what to watch, (Yona of the Dawn, OMG) along with the release of Voltron Season 2.

When I’m not working, forcing the child to do his homework, or watching anime, I’m editing my Tower World Series and drawing a very amusing octopus.

I also have plans to update my art website with a store or shop of sorts with some items for sale. I just finished designing a collection of fabulous wallpapers I need to put in a package. I will also be putting up my commission price sheet as well. As soon as my head stops pounding and I stop sneezing long enough to think that hard.

On my list is a fairy tale about jellyfish dreams. I love the visual concept of it, and need to  focus on it.

I think fairytales are going to be my theme this year. They’re fun, they’re wistful, they’re escapism, and they can be dark and laced with moral messages.

I hope to finish my Kikimora story after I get this jellyfish concept sorted out. I fell in love with this hearth goddess, chicken-girl story a few years ago and it spiraled out of my control. I think I researched too much and got overwhelmed. I just need to figure out where I want it to go and finish it.

So, there it is. My random and strayed thoughts for the week. Much to do. Much to think about, but I am moving forward. Slowly, but surely.

Or maybe I’m just drifting.




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