Speaking, drawing, and having fun at Rustycon!

I’m putting on my anxiety armor and heading to another convention! It’s been a while, but it’s going to be great. I’ve come a long way since last year and I’m super excited about all the workshops and panels I’ll be participating in at Rustycon.

It’s perfect timing considering that Uniforms of the Fleet is now available for pre-order. I’ll have to get some prints done of my favorite pieces to show off at my art panel.  


Itinerary for M.S. Chavez


Build a Dragon

Fri Jan 13 3:00pm
Kids will get to build their own dragon out of paper cups, strings and other materials. The idea is to create an articulated dragon puppet to fly around the Convention. If the articulated dragon proves to be too difficult, there will be fire breathing dragon heads to make as well. Perfect for all our dragon riders.
Kevin Alexander, M.S. Chavez, Sarah Steever


Science Experiments and Art Projects for Kids!

Fri Jan 13 4:30 pm
Come to the workshops room for some art projects and science experiments!
Kevin Alexander, Leyna Alexander, M.S. Chavez


Paper Bag Puppets

Sat Jan 14 11:00 am
Materials will be provided and kids will be encouraged to create a puppet to represent their chosen guild. If there’s enough creative kiddos, we may even put on a show!
Kyrie Warner, Leyna Alexander, M.S. Chavez

Creating Catapults

Sat Jan 14 1:00 pm
Kids will create catapults using craft sticks, rubber bands and other materials. Examples will be shown, but kids will be encouraged to get creative and experiment with the materials available.
Kevin Alexander, M.S. Chavez, Sarah Steever


The Parent Writer

Sat Jan 14 4:00 pm
The joys and hazards of being a parent while trying to be a professional in the field and possibly holding down a full time job. How it can be done.
Anthea Sharp, David Boop, Kate Ristau, M.S. Chavez


Artist in Action (Audience Participation)

Sat Jan 14 5:00 pm
2 or 3 artists using easles and markers take audience suggestions (3 words combined) and then draw the suggested word phrases. Each picture takes 10 minutes.
M.S. Chavez, Rob Carlos, Sarah Steever


Writing Short

Sun Jan 15 10:00 am
Flash fiction to novellas, we’ll take a look at the art of writing a well-crafted short story, discuss plot structures and arcs, and talk about why writing short fiction is a fabulous idea in today’s publishing climate.
Anthea Sharp, David Boop, M.S. Chavez, Rebecca Birch


Young Adult Books and the Adults that Like Them

Sun Jan 15 11:00 am
There are a large number of adults reading books from the young adult sections of the local book stores.
John Lovett, Kate Ristau, M.S. Chavez

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