Seasonal Fun in the City

I grew up a small town girl, but I’ve embraced all there is to do in this fabulous city in which I now live. I can’t help but feel blessed that my son is growing up here with so many opportunities, so much to do and see.

Once the holidays season rolls around, I am on the hunt for things to do. I’ve always been the type to keep an eye on the community calendars. I used to actually keep the community calendars updated at the small paper in my home town. It’s a little more complicated these days with social media and websites to scour for local activities. I’m always quick to snap photos of posters and note the dates when there are local events.

From Halloween on, my son and I are pretty good about getting out and about. It really helps to keep away the blues caused by the darker, shorter days. We made a day of going to the pumpkin patch, and went to multiple Halloween events.

Once Thanksgiving was over the winter holiday events began. This year, we started off the season first thing with a day out in the city on Saturday. My husband, son and I went to the Festival of Trees at the Olympic Fairmont Hotel, and finally got to see the Teddy Bear Suite!

On Monday, after my son got out of school, we hopped on the bus and went to The Christmas Carnival at the Westin Hotel. We’d only made it to this event once before, and I hadn’t thought we’d be able to do it again with my son’s school schedule. So we were quite excited to get into town with plenty of time to roam around, view the trees, participate in the activities, and watch the entertainment.



Ginger Bread Village at the Sheraton Photo by M.S. Chavez


Afterward, we went over to the Pacific Place to watch it snow and have some cocoa. Finally, we wrapped up our evening by going to see the Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton. This year, the theme was Harry Potter. Since  we’re  not huge fans of Harry Potter, it was nice that on a Monday night there was no line. These were some of the most gorgeous gingerbread creations I’ve seen since I started going to see them. Well worth seeing, even if like for us, Harry Potter isn’t a draw.

Since then, we’ve gone to see the Reindeer at Swanson’s Nursery, which is fun and low key for little ones. Then we went to Figgy Pudding, the caroling event that shuts down part of downtown Seattle. The following weekend, we checked out the train and Winterfest at the Armory, and then went ice skating.



Reindeer at Swanson’s Nursery Photo by M.S. Chavez



Unfortunately, we missed the Christmas Ships when they came to the beaches in our neighborhood. They came by at an earlier time. Every year previously, the ships would visit our local beach at 8 p.m. or so. We’d get cocoa and stand by the bonfire, usually freezing and trying to keep our feet dry while we waited and watched the twenty minute show.

This year, our stop was scheduling for the late afternoon. I knew the date, but hadn’t realized the time change. I would be more upset about it, except for the fact that we will be riding on the lead ship later this month. It’s a special activity planned for when my family arrives.

We’ve managed to pack in a lot of activities, but there is still tons more to do! We still need to make plans for WildLights at Woodland Park Zoo, take a ride on the carousel at Westlake park, and visit one of the model train exhibits, either at Pacific Science Center or Washington State History Museum.

I’m sure if I checked some of the local calendars, I could find even more. But between Cub Scouts, my volunteer and commission work, and just day-to-day living, I don’t think we can cram much more in!

I love staying active, though. Even when our budget is tight, the wonder of winter and the holiday season is just a short bus ride away. Even as I write this, we are on the bus to the Pacific Science Center for the Autism Early Opening.

Then we have our pick of activities. Entertainment at the Armory, the carousel and IKEA day at Westlake, Pioneer Square Howlidays, or maybe more ice skating or a little shopping.

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