Art book teasers

This summer I’ve been working on series of illustrations for a book. I was commissioned for the project by Blaze Ward and Leah Cutter of Knotted Road Press.

The illustrations are of characters from the Jessica Keller Chronicles. We’d begun discussing working on this project before my Surface Pro tablet was stolen from my car. The funds from working on this project helped to pay for my replacement tablet.

I hope to start up my GoFundMe once more after this project is complete. I plan to offer artwork to those willing to donate. I purchased the device using a BestBuy credit card and hope to have it paid off while it is interest free.

Artwork I will be offering to those interested in making small donations would be character and profile art, drawn at screen resolution. Something like these, for example:

If you’d like to get on my wait list, feel free to contact me. I have the book to complete by October, and a few other projects before then. But I’m hoping to have some time here and there by November and December, when I’m not focused on NaNoWriMo.

The teasers above are only a small sampling of the characters. When complete, they will be in full color, and accompanied by Blaze’s descriptions.

Each character was first sketched out in my sketch book during any free moment I had this summer. After snapping a quick photo of each one and sending it off for approval, I started digitally inking each piece. Below are teasers of the sketches I did of Cho, Petia, Nadine and Suvi.

Though digitally inking in Photoshop is time-consuming and difficult, it is much easier to make corrections and adjustments. I absolutely love being able to use layers and work on each section of the piece individually.

While thoroughly enjoyable to work on because Blaze is just so darn entertaining and great to work with, this has been a very large project for me. I’ve never done so many digitally inked full character pieces like this all together. I’m really happy with the results so far, though! Here’s a few teasers of Moirrey, Petia, Cho and Suvi.

Character designs and art have been a love of mine for  years. Taking on a project like this has been a good challenge. I’m excited to share these teasers, and hope to have the final piece, Dash, done very soon. Then its final touch ups to a few of the inked pieces before focusing on coloring each of these pieces and quickly and beautifully as possible to hit the quickly approaching deadline.

Once I have more information about the release date, I’ll be sure to share more.


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