I’ve been arting.


I guess I should write a post of some kind since I failed to last week and am already almost a day late on this week.

I hate not putting up quality content, but I think of blogging as a habit I’m working to form. Like all good habits, we have to keep at it, even if it’s not exactly what we’re inspired to do at the moment.

Lately, my focus has been on art. I took a commission job for twelve pieces of artwork. I’ve finished all the initial sketches, and have digitally inked all but one and a half. Approval from the client, coloring and final touches will be soon to follow. I hope to have them all done by the end of September.

This has been the largest art project I’ve done since I worked as a graphic designer. And even during my fifteen years of newspaper work, I’ve never worked on illustrations like this. Logos, ad designs, cover work, websites and the like, but full on illustrations and artwork, I’ve only done one or two for paying clients on occasion.

So, as it should, it’s taken some priority in my life. Right behind my child and family. Well, and work, because I do have that run of the mill job with a steady pay check.

My artwork isn’t anything amazing, but I rather enjoy doing it. After I got past my childhood horse drawing phase, character art became my passion. I loved to draw my own characters, almost as much as I enjoyed writing about them.

In one of my art classes in Jr. High, our teacher had us choose comic book cards to copy. I was soon hooked. I started collecting comic book cards for inspiration and soon after, comics. To learn my craft, I copied faces, expression, hands, etc.

For a good while, I really wanted to become a comic book artist. There were a ton of independent comics coming out at the time, and it really seemed like a possibility. I never got quite to the skill level needed, though. And once it came time to decide on a goal in college, I decided to go the safer route, graphic design.

I got a job at a newspaper before I’d even graduated and worked my way up over the years. I learned almost every aspect of graphic design in the newspaper industry. From laying out pages, creating ads, covers, special section designs, classifieds, prepress, and even the basics of running the presses. I also learned about designing magazine inserts, fliers, logos for our own PR projects and our smaller custom printing jobs.

In my spare time, I learned html, CSS, some java and php in order to round out my design skills. Through it all, though, drawing and sketching characters continued to be something I really enjoyed, even if I never quite hit a masterful level of artistic skill.

I’m still amazed and flattered when actually get people interested in my artwork. I walk a fine line of just wanting to give it away and knowing that I have to ask for payment because it is a skill I’ve taken years to develop and takes up a great deal of my time.

And so, I’m extremely excited an a little nervous about this project I’m currently working on, and hope it turns out to be a success. I feel I’ve grown artistically while working on these pieces, and hope it shows.

Once this project hits the presses, I’ll be sure to promote it here.

If you’re interested in checking out more of my art and design work, please visit my art and design site: dreamingthought.wordpress.com 

I am almost always open for the occasional stock art/photo cover job, while illustration work is much more time consuming and has to be scheduled in carefully. Email me at dreamingthought@gmail.com or message me on Facebook if you’re interested in my work.






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