I’m a little scared and a little excited

This weekend, I shift my work schedule to nights. It’s only three nights a week. Three very long nights, one of which is a more than eight hours, closer to twelve.

I used to work an evening/swing shift back in my newspaper days, and that was when my kiddo was little. I was up early every morning  to care for him and got a questionable amount of sleep for a few of years.

I still don’t get enough sleep, but I could if I really needed to. Now, for three days out of seven, I will very likely NOT get enough sleep.

I’ve weighed the pros and cons of this shift and have, in my mind, decided that it is a good idea. My son will be off for the summer soon and just in case his summer ABA therapy falls through, I’ll be home during the days with him. Even if it doesn’t, my work schedule won’t be effected if his ABA therapy happens to be too far from work.

I’m totally bummed that I won’t be spending as much time with the dogs during the day though. During the night shift, I’ll be doing all the custodial work. Cleaning kennels, doing laundry and dishes, setting up breakfast, etc.

Sure, I’ll see the dogs in their kennels but I won’t be actually working with them. In fact, I’m not even supposed to open the kennels if there’s no one else there. Which there wont be after I’m graduated to all by myself, unsupervised night shift.

I will, though, get to spend more time with the kitties! I think and hope anyway. I’ll be cleaning all their cages at least. Which usually means letting the non-crazy kitties out to play. They’re nocturnal, they’ll be up, right?

What worries me is finding time for sleep as well as my son and my husband on the weekends, which is the shift I’m taking. I’m already dreading the sleep sacrifice that an upcoming weekend Cub Scout gathering will cause. Museum outings, bike rides, etc., will be increasingly difficult to do as a family.

I’m hoping, that I can live on just a few hours sleep on Saturday. Sunday will be killer, and Monday, I’ll be half dead by the time I get my kid off to school. But it’s only for a summer, more than likely.

Unless I really really like it. And I’ve really really liked my job so far. So who knows.

After all, as I write this, its almost four a.m. and while I feel awfully tired, I know I’ll get up in two to three hours and get my kid off to school no problem. I could probably stay up the entire rest of the day and be fine. I don’t plan to, but it’s doable.

Just like blogging away is still happening once a week despite the fact that I said I would switch my schedule to every other week. (I’ve got several queued up and ready to go, just wanted to put this one up first since it’s more timely.) I find time to get things done one way or another.

Now if only I could finish this darned chapter for “In the Wildwood” and whip out some sketches.

Lets be honest here. I’m thrilled to be getting my weekday mornings back. My most prolific time is just after the kiddo is off to school and the hubby is at work. A little forced insomnia over the weekends is a small price to pay for getting my prolific day time hours back.


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2 thoughts on “I’m a little scared and a little excited

  1. I find I can get by on very little sleep for a day or two when I keep a disciplined bedtime on the other nights. That’s my challenge. The internet is so darned interesting and a “quick check” on one site becomes a series of fascinating rabbit holes… but yes, good sleep on the nights when you can. And this is odd, but I find that drinking lots of water helps on days when I’m fatigued. Like a gallon or more. I don’t know why but it’s like magic (especially when one or two of them has electrolyte stuff in it). Good luck!

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    • That makes sense! I when I used to deal with sleep deprivation, I was much healthier and drank a lot of water.

      I”m not sure if the disciplined bed time will work as well, but maybe. I rather liked that while I was working the day shift, I was in bed by nine or ten and up without an alarm at 6 a.m. and ready to go.

      Thanks for the support and suggestions. 🙂


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