Loss, life and schedule changes

Up until today, I had a schedule if blogging once a week. It’s been great so far.

I have a few posts queued up, but would like more time to review them before posting.

There are more pressing matters in my life at the moment that need attention, so I will now post every other week.

Last Friday, my beloved Surface Pro 3 was stolen from my car. I had left it for maybe 15 minutes as I went to get my son from school and speak to his teacher. It had been a long day, and quite honestly, I wasn’t thinking. I don’t normally leave my bag in the car, but it had been cutting into my shoulder all day and I would only be gone a few minutes.

My son had an amazing week at school, and I had planned to take him to a special dinner. It broke his heart when we saw that broken out window. Not just because I couldn’t take him to dinner but because he knew what that laptop means to me and how valuable it is as a tool for my writing and art. It is my home away from home. My office in a very compact package.

Luckily there were staff on hand to help with little man’s meltdown. Though I was shaking and frantic, he was devastated. We discovered another woman’s car had also been broken into. It took over 20 minutes for either of us to get through to the police. And about an hour after that for them to arrive.

During that time our cards were used and our bags and things were dumped at a Walgreens. I managed to cancel my two bank cards, and the charges were canceled on our HSA card. But my laptop is long gone.

I have a very large project that requires my favorite tool. I had actually just been given the offer the day this happened. A replacement is a must.

In order to spend the time required on this project, my writing schedule will be reduced. I will still be working on my blog, my writing challenges, organizing my writers group and my editing, but my blog will be cut down to every other week.

I will also be setting up a Go Fund Me account with custom art incentives for those who donate to help pay for the amount of the computer replacement that the commission will not cover.

This is the current Campaign, though it’s bare bones at the moment. None of the incentives are set up, and I don’t expect to make the full amount. Anything will help, of course.


After this goes live, I will set up a Patreon account to help pay for monthly subscription required for the software upgrades. The tablet I’ve purchased on credit is not compatible with my outdated software.

Though this has been a difficult experience, I am choosing to see it as a call to action, my motivation to step up my freelance work and make more time for art.


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