Publications open to submissions May ’16

Once a month, I try to list publications with open submission calls, most with deadlines in the next few months, if not weeks. These make great goals if you need writing motivation.

I post this on the Thursday before the Short Story Writing Challenge meeting for Rainier Beach Writers. Join us on Sunday, May 1, at 10 Redwing Cafe for writing sprints and good company.

This month, I’ll be bringing a storytelling dice game and we will do writing sprints.

Please join our Facebook Group for more information.

We meet twice a month on Sundays at Redwing Cafe in the Rainier Beach Neighborhood of Seattle. One meeting a month is for writing, the second is for serious critiques.

Our Forum is located at: 
This is where we post our work for critique and review. But most of the action happens at our private group:


200 CCs
A new online publication, 200 CCs publishes one 200-word story each week. Though short, the stories in 200 CCs aren’t vignettes. Rather, they’re complete, condensed narratives.
200 CCs accepts general submissions year-round. Right now, they’re also looking for holiday-themed submissions, to be submitted by the following deadlines: Good Friday or Easter, March 11; Mother’s Day, April 22; Canada Day or U.S. Independence Day, June 24; Halloween, October 14; Veteran’s Day or Remembrance Day, October 28; Christmas, December 2.

AFTER LINES!submissions/v119n
1-time print (Erebus Press); df/h/sf/steampunk/gothic/bizarre (fic/poem). Pay: shared royalty. Words: <4k. RT: 3-5 weeks. Reprints: yes, if you have rights. E-subs: E-MAIL ONLY. Stephanie Buosi, Editor (QS).
Red Riding hood had the misfortune of being eaten alive. Luckily for her, a woodcutter rescued her just in time. Was that it? Did Little Red walk away unscathed? Or does she suffer nightmares, bent on vengeance against all wolf-kind?
Poor Prometheus, chained to a rock for defying Zeus, forced to lose his liver each day. What happened after Hercules freed him? Did he return to Olympus? Did he start a new life, turn rogue on humanity, or work against the gods?
When Jack climbs the beanstalk, he meets more than one giant. The giant’s wife was also there, and was left behind when her husband fell to his death. What about her? Did she continue to spend her days in the clouds? Or does she too gain a taste for human?
Happily ever after is never the end, and the protagonist is usually not the only character in the story. We want to know more. We want stories that delve deeper into our classic favorites (Thumbelina, Puss in Boots, Peter Pan, Hansel and Gretel), or explore the lesser known and disturbing tales, (think “Sweetheart Roland” by Brothers Grimm, “The She-Bear” by Giambattista Basile, or “The Dog and the Sparrow” also by Brothers Grimm) We want to hear about the villain, and learn their side of the story.
What happens next? What about the characters who were left behind?
After Lines seeks to explore the before, the after, and the un-spoken in fairytales, myths, and legends.
Deadline: until full

Altered States II

WIKI: Cyberpunk is a postmodern science fiction genre noted for its focus on “high tech and low life.” It features advanced science, such as information technology and cybernetics, coupled with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order.

Cyberpunk plots often center on a conflict among hackers, artificial intelligences, and mega corporations, and tend to be set in a near-future Earth. The settings are usually post-industrial dystopias but tend to be marked by extraordinary cultural ferment and the use of technology in ways never anticipated by its creators (“the street finds its own uses for things”). Much of the genre’s atmosphere echoes film noir, and written works in the genre often use techniques from detective fiction.

Be Careful What You Wish For…
Submissions close June 15
With all the various labels we apply to each other – and ourselves – more polarization is taking place in the world. So we are challenging you to create a universe where two opposing groups (i.e., conservatives, liberals, or any others) have colonized worlds in the same solar system. They can be on the same planet, but geographically separated. The idea is adversarial groups have separated themselves and set up new societies along their own ideological lines.
We’re not looking for stories making an argument for a position. We want stories harkening back to the golden age of
Speculative fiction. Stories asking, WHAT IF?
What if ideologues are able to set up their perceived utopias? What could go wrong?
Here are some ideas:

• Now that the old ‘monsters’ are gone — who (or what) become the new monsters?
• What becomes of ideologues when they’re responsible for running things? Not grand social issues, but mundane
things (like getting parts for the sewer plant from the hated others)?
• What does your own ideology taken too far look like?
• When utopias turn into ‘private Idahos,’ do you try to fix or flee? Where’s the decision point?
• What holes in ideologies were covered by conflict that — now the conflict is gone —society is left to deal with?
Facing such problems, how to remain true to the ideology? Or, to remain in power, does it turn to lip service?
• Give the characters the utopia they want then put a monster (human or other) into the mix.
• How does the new utopia handle someone who violates its beliefs?
• Historically revolutions have been over control of established societies. How will the needs of colonizing a new
planet change an ideology?Caveat: If you choose to write about the side opposite your own ideology —you must do your research. But it must come from sources from that side — not just yours. (When everything we ‘know’ about the motivations of the other side comes from our own sources, we end up with mustache-twiddling villains.)Be creative, be brave. Ask WHAT IF? Break the story-writing rules if you want. If you use a tried and true plotline, twist it
in an original and interesting way.

Will accept: Science fiction, Fantasy, Science fantasy, Steampunk, Alternate history, Space opera, Dieselpunk

Want to talk cloning? Genetic modification? Post-apocalyptic universe?
Do you want to submerge your readers in a dystopian future romance?
Whether your MC(s) hale from another galaxy, from the distant future, or is the scientist who discovered time travel we would like to hear from you.
Perhaps your MC is a survivor of an intergalactic war and imprisoned on an alien planet. Or maybe he’s the guinea pig for a scientific experiment… gone wrong….
Perhaps he’s come from the future to save an innocent…
Is he an android? Part man, part machine?
Whatever your take is on our sci-fi themed anthology we’d like to hear from you!
Permanently closing for submissions on Sep 10, 2016

Black Power: Superhero Anthology

Stories of superheroes in film and comic books capture essential truths about human nature. We relate to – and identify with – the characters and themes in these stories; we empathize with the dilemmas and problems that superheroes face, and we admire – and often mimic – their heroic acts.
The definition of a hero is someone who rises above his or her fears and limitations to achieve something extraordinary. A hero embodies what we believe is best in ourselves.
The clearest difference between a hero and what we tend to consider a superhero is that superheroes possess fantastic powers, fight their battles with advanced technology, or possess uncanny beauty, bravery, skill, or luck.
No costume is necessary; but it is cool.
We – Black / Afrikan adults AND youth – need our stories told; and WE need to tell them. We need to read about and see ourselves as superheroes from OUR perspective. We need and want this.
What We Are Looking For
When it comes to superheroes, we think of sweeping themes that deal with the central issues of heroism and, of course, superpowers. We welcome authors to subvert these tropes, to expand upon what “superhero” means, and to mash-up the superhero tropes with the tropes of other genres under the Speculative Fiction umbrella.
We seek original stories with more depth than simple origin tales or superhero-versus-supervillain battles. Who are these people who have strange and wonderful powers and choose to use them to exact justice? What makes them tick?
We must emphasize that your characters should be original creations. We will not consider work utilizing licensed characters or knockoffs of licensed characters unless your story is clearly a parody or spoof.

Permanently closing for submissions on Jul 1, 2016

Chilling Christmas Tales Anthology (FunDead Publications)

FunDead Publications is currently seeking submissions for an upcoming anthology of chilling Christmas tales. Title TBA. We are looking for stories in the vein of Dickens, or ‘Between the Lights’ by E.F. Benson, or ‘The Kit-Bag’ by Algernon Blackwood. Ghosts and legends are encouraged, historical fiction is preferable for this collection.
Content Requirements: Your story must be set around the holidays, specifically Christmas or winter solstice. The time-period and content is your choice, but we are hoping to keep the them set in times-gone-by! Historical fiction, especially gothic in nature, will have higher chance for printing. Channel your inner Charles Dickens!
Submissions on Deadline Jun 1, 2016

Cicada Magazine

is calling for submissions of short stories, comics, poems, and nonfiction essays. They’re a young adult lit/comic magazine. They pay well, and they’re run by the established Cricket Magazine group.
They’re a great publication that any YA writer should be proud to be published by.
They pay up to $3.00 per line of poem, and up to $0.25 per word for nonfiction, and up to $0.10 cents per word for fiction. They accept fiction pieces up to 9,000 words. Nonfiction is capped at 5,000 words. Fiction is capped at 9,000 words. They also pay $3 per line of poetry – with no length limit.
They also publish comics, which are commissioned from a brief pitch.
Once you submit your writing, your work goes through a series of readers. The first readers determine whether your writing is a good fit for the magazine. The work is then sent to 3 editors, and finally the editor in chief. This is a rigorous, but common, selection process. If you make it past the first round, but do not get published, take it as a sign that they may be interested in more work from you. No matter what happens, don’t be shy! But also, be sure that your writing matches their needs.

Creepy Campfire Quarterly
Each new issue will be different, but will surely contain at least a few horror tales that fall into the EXTREME category.
ALL horror is welcome, including ALL sub-genres: science fiction, speculative, magical, fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, psychological, historical, Urban Legend, Original Creepy Pasta, mystical, Occult and Extreme.
Dark and Evil
Villains or killers (Dark and Evil) must be the main theme
Not looking for romance or erotica
Seeking fantasy based story
(can not have minor love story)

Enter the Apocalypse

Stories considered for Enter the Apocalypse must be stories about the start and / or middle of any type apocalypse.
Apocalypse can include (but isn’t limited to) nuclear, epidemic, supernatural, bioweapon, cosmic, aliens, etc.

Closing for submissions on Jun 16, 2016

Enter the Aftermath
Stories considered for Enter the Aftermath must be stories about the burnout or shortly after any type apocalypse.

1-time print/eAntho (TBD); comedy/f/sf/h and more, in any combination (fic). Pay: <2½k=15¢/word; >2½k=6¢/word; + shared royalty. Words: <7½k (generally). RT: <30 days. Reprints: query. E-subs: E-MAIL ONLY. Hy Bender, Editor (QS).
Deadline: october

 Helen: A Literary Magazine is open for submissions.
“We appreciate polished work in all genres and actively seek pieces that explore themes such as hope and perseverance. Our issues include poetry, flash fiction, short stories, essays, personal narratives, art, and photography. We also feature video exclusives from our print issues as well as in our ongoing blog series Friday Night Specials.” Short Stories: 1,500-4,000 words Flash Fiction: 50-1,500 words Poetry: 4 poems (12 page limit) Essays & Personal Narratives: 1,500 – 4,000 words No theme or genre restrictions. Send in your best! We offer token payment. Please click here to submit. Deadline: June 1, 2016 – See more at:

Hockomock — Tales from the Bridgewater Triangle
(there are a number of other publications listed at this page)
According to (, the Bridgewater Triangle is likely one of the world’s most concentrated areas of diverse paranormal reports, so the subject matter is wide open so long as it takes place within this 200-mile square area. WE ADVISE YOU TO DO YOUR RESEARCH. If the story does not reference the area, and it is apparent you are not familiar with the location, your story will be rejected.

Horrors of Hudson Valley

New York’s Hudson Valley is an enchanted region. Starting in the Adirondacks and Lake Tear in the Clouds–the source of the Hudson River–and following the river south through New York State until reaching Manhattan and the Atlantic Ocean 315 miles later, the region is home to centuries of myths and legends.
Everyone that has ever settled here has added to the lore of the land, from the Algonquin People, to the early Dutch settlers, to the greedy industrialists of the 19th Century. The river runs through Albany, the Catskill Mountains, and Sleepy Hollow. It was one of the major battle fronts of the French and Indian War in the 1750s and the American Revolutionary War twenty-five years later. It spawned the renown Hudson River School art movement founded by Thomas Cole. It is rich with history, much of it dark and macabre.
We want original, supernatural horror stories set within the Hudson Valley Region within the State of New York (please note that New York City is NOT considered a part of the Hudson Valley). The time period for your story is up to you–past, present, future, alternate history–but it must take place whole or in part within the Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley is a real place, with a real history, so please respect the reality of the setting.
Scare us, creep us out, give us the shivers, make us laugh. Be Gothic, modern, Lovecraftian, Victorian, Steampunk, whatever. Just set your story in the Hudson Valley.

Closing for submissions on Jun 1, 2016

How to Win at Ultravision

Bradley Sands is looking for mini-strategy guides for games of your own invention.

The “Hysterical” anthology
seeks to rewrite medical histories and make history at the same time. The ultimate goal: strip the medical establishment of sexist labels like “hysterical” so women can get the care they really need. With that goal in mind, “Hysterical” will publish nonfiction on themes such as painful conditions connected to childhood, times when someone in the medical profession dismissed your pain as psychosomatic, detrimental effects of pain medication, etc. For more specific guidelines and theme descriptions, please see here. Submissions of under 3,000 words can be sent as either a Word attachment, or through Google Docs, to Deadline: June 1, 2016

Illuminati at My Door
Submissions should be between 3000 and 10,000 words and should address aspects of modern “Secret Society” mythology and rumor.

Now in the Main Ring: Amazing Tales from the Circus

Circuses are supposed to be places of joy and wonder, but they are also full of clowns and many people find clowns distinctly creepy. Circuses come into town and disappear after a brief stay, leaving behind nothing but a memory of the magic. They are homes for misfits, bearded ladies and contortionists who might be shunned in the outside world. What better environment than a circus for a story of magic and wonder that leaves you wondering if it ever happened. Give us your best wonderful, dark, or fantastic story about the circus.

Closing for submissions on Jun 1, 2016

Legendary Stories: Enchanted Forests

Call Open: July 1- July 31
Payment details: $30 per story
Word count: 2000 – 8000 (flexible, but the longer the story the stronger it must be)
Theme: Enchanted Forests
Submission limit: Two stories per author max
Take us deep into the forest and show us what we’ll find within. Whether it’s leafy branches hiding elfin lords or a steampunk graveyard covered in mechanical vines, we want to know what’s hidden inside the forest and what dragons (or rogue robot monsters) our heroes will have to slay to make their way through. Paint us a vivid world that makes us want to explore the realm you create. Give us new heroes to love and villains we love to hate. We’re looking for an eclectic mix of stories that give us a new view of the forest and features smart storytelling.
Please no: Explicit violence or sex for shock value. 
Established authors welcomed, newcomers encouraged. All submissions acknowledged within 5 days and acceptances notified by August 15.  We look forward to reading your work.

One Story
To learn more visit their website here.
publishes one short story every three weeks. They have a print and e-versions of the story that they publish. Often the published story is accompanied by an interview with the author of the story.
They have published a number of respected and best selling authors including Elizabeth Gilbert, B.J. Novak, Stephen O’Connor, and Aimee Bender.
One Story pays all their contributors $500 per story and they also offer 25 contributor copies.
One Story is respected, they have published a large number of established authors, and they pay. Also they only publish one story every three weeks. As you might imagine they have a very small acceptance rate. But it is higher than a market like the New Yorker or Glimmer Train.
They do not accept reprints, unless the work has only been previously published in print outside of North America. If they accept your work you agree to grant them first rights to publish in North America. After the work is published all rights revert to you.
Stories should be between 3,000 and 8,000 words in length. They accept all submissions through their online submission manager. They do not accept postal submissions.
Please include the story title and all writer contact info on the first page of the submitted file. Files must be PDF or RTF formatted.
They try to respond to every submission within three months. They do not offer personal feedback on stories.

Procyon Science Fiction Anthology 2016.
The collection will feature the works of writers from across the world and will span multiple sub-genres in the realm of science fiction. Send us your best and most memorable stories. We want work that fascinates, provokes, intrigues.
Writer guidelines:
Submissions are open to writers from all countries; however, all stories must be in English. Maximum word count per story is 7,000.

The Shellgame: An essay anthology
To learn more or to submit, visit their website here.
Submissions are open for an anthology of essays that borrow readymade forms, to be published by

the University of Nebraska Press in 2018.  What they mean by readymade forms is essays that borrow their structures from ordinary, extra-literary sources (a recipe, a police report, a pack of cards, an obituary…). Payment is $100, plus two copies of anthology, plus $100 coupon to UNP Books. They are seeking brand new work. Submit only through Submittable. Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as you notify the editor of acceptance elsewhere as soon as possible. Deadline is June 1, 2016.

Semi-Colonic Irrigation

The brief is this: your piece must be on the subject of depression, mental illness, and/or suicide (survival or otherwise). Don’t worry about your piece being depressing/dark as fuck, we’re not looking to offer trite inspirational bollocks here. We’re quite simply looking for REAL. To help people living with mental illness know that they are not alone. To break down barriers and fuck taboos off for good.
Give us FICTION, or NON. Give us autobiographical accounts, or anecdotal stuff you heard down the pub when you were a bit pissed. I don’t care, as long as your wordiness punches me in the heart. Do it via comedy, even. Irony/satire/out-and-out sarcasm are all welcome here.
And please – don’t tell me which category your submission falls into. I don’t wanna know if it’s a true story, I just want warm VOICES to which the reader will listen.

Spark: A Creative Anthology
Spark is not a genre-specific anthology; we are looking for great stories without boundaries. Therefore, most genres are considered, including Speculative Fiction, Western, Young Adult, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery/Crime, everything in-between, and impossible-to-classify works that blend elements from multiple categories. However, due to current market saturation, the specific sub-genre “Young Adult Paranormal Romance” has very little chance of acceptance unless it’s truly amazing.

Spark is looking for great writing that tells a compelling story, regardless of length. Even very short pieces, like flash fiction, should tell a story, though there will certainly be fewer dramatic elements developed than we’d see in a longer piece or novel. The presence of “story” is what distinguishes flash fiction from “vignette.”

Starward Tales
Starward Tales will focus on reinterpretations and retellings of legends, myths, and fairytales in Science Fiction and/or xxxxPunk settings. The collection will contain stories, poetry, and visual art fitting this broad theme.

Trans Fiction Anthology (Handbasket Productions)
Deadline Extended! – May 16th, 2016.
The theme of this anthology is to address the personally and politically significant issues around sexuality and dating in trans community through erotic fiction. Too often trans erotica has been written from a cis perspective, with a cis reader in mind, addressing cis concerns about trans people, but not trans concerns. Let’s create fiction that truly feels like trans people’s stories, addressing the issues and concerns you see as significant in your trans communities.
Stories might have characters dealing directly with trans issues related to sex, like dysphoria, ignorant hook up partners, or things that come up when dating another trans person. Or perhaps a story might have a strong trans community setting, like in a trans activist group, or at a queer and trans event. Maybe your characters discuss local politics, sex workers’ rights, and black lives matter. But also, feel free to have it be more subtle. Maybe your characters are dealing with a sense of being de-valued that they can’t put their finger on. Maybe your story isn’t about them being trans at all, and your characters have deep and unique backgrounds, yet their experiences are still influenced by being trans. Or perhaps your story takes a common trope about trans people and turns it on it’s head.

Transitions & Awakenings
Sanguine Press is currently open for submissions to our first anthology, Transitions & Awakenings.
Theme: I Regret Nothing
Too many characters spend their time brooding about the past, whether it’s missed opportunities or mistakes that led to misfortune down the line. For our first anthology, we want your stories with at least one character who has no regrets – either for a specific moment, or in general. Your story must feature a predominantly POC cast to be considered.
Genres: Sci-fi, Fantasy, or Horror
Permanently closing for submissions on Jul 1, 2016

Triptych Tales
We publish stories that take place in our here and now, or something very close to it. We like mainstream, fantasy and science fiction, but we don’t want space operas or high fantasy. Think The Twilight Zone or Flowers for Algernon or Robert Sawyer’s The Terminal Experiment or the Newford stories of Charles De Lint, rather than Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series or The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Stories do not have to be speculative but they should contain elements common to speculative fiction. That said, we’re open to ideas that haven’t occurred to us, as long as you don’t take us off-planet. If you have to write about dragons, make us believe we could see them when we walk out our door. And please, no fan fiction, excessive sex or gore.

Woman’s World: $800 for Very Short Romance Stories
Woman’s World magazine accepts submissions of 800 word romance stories for their magazine.

Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide Series
Tales of Science Fiction Written for a Middle Grade Audience
Tell of adventure, space, science. Give us rockets, robots and alien encounters, and we’re pretty happy. Steampunk, time travel, weird west and alternate history are all fine;
Anthology will be open for submissions from January 15– May 15, 2016, with a reading period of June and July 2016.

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