Art for my friends

Art for my friends

I enjoy sketching. I started writing to give stories to the characters I’d draw and create. At one point, I had hoped to become a comic book artist. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my skills aren’t quite at that level, but I still enjoy drawing and love to draw for my friends.

I recently created this piece for my friend Stephanie of her character, Lily.

It’s a little rough, but it was fun to get back on the drawing wagon.

Source: Art for my friends

One thought on “Art for my friends

  1. Hmm. 🙂 You might suffer from a similar illness to my own. The Incomplete Syndrome. We have talents. We can do part of the project. Just not the whole. You have drawing talent. You have vision for comic books (as do I). But, you just can’t flush it out enough to complete the “picture.” I could do covers every week. But, I couldn’t put together enough of a plot or layout…or repeat the characters at different angles/positions. I tried all sorts of “cheat” methods and failed. I gave up and went back to just creating portrait-type pieces as well as inspirational posters.

    I too have been dabbling in writing stories for the characters that randomly come to me.

    I think this piece is rather exquisite. I would guess from the image that either the person or the character are tall and thin. Otherwise, it’s just how she is drawn. But, I like the layering of color in the hair and the way the backdrop complements the figure with that silvery white tone with black touches.

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