This blog is about to become active!

So, I’ve been encouraged by a friend and fellow blogger to start blogging. While I would love to blog about writing, I don’t really feel like an expert on writing. Most my blogging would be just writing up my current word count or mentioning something I’m working on, or possibly sharing about an idea that will likely never come to fruition.

Instead, I’m going to be blogging about something I am an expert on. MYSELF!

Oh yes, this is going to be a blog for my ego. My poor ego needs a little stroking from time to time.

But I digress.

What I really mean is that I’m going to simply focus on things I’m pretty decent at, have an opinion about and am interested in. I’m not an expert or authority in any of the topics I will be writing on. This is a blog. This is my space. This is a little bit of me.

So what you can expect is an occasional blog on writing as well as my thoughts on mental health, parenting, Autism, cooking, drawing, and perhaps some of my artwork. Oh, and possibly dieting and running… If I lose enough weight to feel comfortable running again.

I’ve got some blogs queued up already. They’re mostly about parenting and Autism. I’m going to try and write up one about writing as well to make sure this doesn’t become an Autism Mommy blog, because while I do feel passionately about Autism and parenting, it is not my life.

Oh. And I changed the title of my blog to Aberrata. Which basically means wandered, strayed or deviated. Which is what I tend to do with my writing and my general way of thinking. Wander. Or deviate from the norm. Or just… you know… stray off topic.


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